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webFlicks is an initiative by a film maker, who wanted to have his own avenues of release, instead of relying on distributors or large size OTT platforms for release of content, online.

With the advent on online content delivery with more and large number audience being wanting to watch content online, the demand for online content has surged drastically in the year 2020. Towards this, huge number of audience is now watching content which is engrossing online, at any given time. The idea is, why not convert this content to generate some revenues for the film-maker?

There are many small film makers or fresh / indie style film makers who do not have any avenue to release their content. Besides, highlighting their hard work in film festivals and YouTube, we are now offering a platform, where you generate revenue through royalties earned or earn through a Pay Per View (PPV) model.

We offer excellent pricing packages for release of your produced content, which will fit into your pocket, and the revenues earned will cover the initial cost of the set up. Do contact us today !!

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